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NOTICE: THIS SERIES IS BEING DISCONTINUED AND CLOSED OUT. ORDER NOW WHILE SUPPLIES REMAIN. Operating Era: 1914-1953. Recommended Trucks: Orig-KD515, Mod-KD500. See our ADD-ON TRUCKS & COUPLERS FOR KITS Section to add trucks and couplers for this Series. Union Pacific, Grand Trunk Western. The A-50-4 was the first all-steel 50-foot auto car ever built and the first use of outward corrugated ends known to us. The cars had radial roofs, full A end doors and stringer pockets on the sides which folded down to carry a second deck. 601 cars were delivered to UP in 1914; 600 were transferred to Oregon Short Line in 1919. The radial roofs proved unsuitable and were replaced by peaked ones in 1929. Power handbrakes were applied in 1941. The cars were leased to Grand Trunk Western during World War II, returned to UP and ran into the 1950's. Kit 1101 covers the radial roof versions. Kit 1100 is the same kit minus decals. Kit 1151 covers the peaked versions in white Roman, white Gothic and yellow Gothic lettering schemes. You may also want to check 5800 series kits, the successor A-50-6 class, and 5900 series kits, the B-50-20 box car conversions of the A-50-6.
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 1101 A-50-4 AUTO BOX CAR, ORIGINAL, UP/OSL  1101 A-50-4 AUTO BOX CAR, ORIGINAL, UP/OSL   $42.00   
 1151 A-50-4 AUTO BOX CAR, MODERN, UP/GTW  1151 A-50-4 AUTO BOX CAR, MODERN, UP/GTW   $42.00   
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