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Our newest HO release is our #13200 Series Kits: 1921 ARA 40 Foot Single Sheathed Boxcars built for C&NW Ry and itís subsidiary, the CStPM&O RR (CMO). These cars were built by several different builders, in 1923, 1925 and 1927 versions, with 6,630 cars built. These cars, due to their eight panel sides with diagonal bracing, appear to be copies of the USRA SS boxcars, but they are later, much improved cars and have slightly lower roofs than the USRA SS cars. The 1923 production version of the car came with a Hutchins Dry Lading roof, Murphy 7/8 corrugated end, metal reinforced wood side door, wood running boards, Carmer uncoupling lever, vertical hand brake staff and Westinghouse K brakes. 3295 cars were built for C&NW. The 1925 production version of the car was mostly the same but came with National top operating uncoupling levers and Ureco High Powered hand brakes which used an enclosed gear box at the base of the brake staff. The C&NW received 1000 cars. The 1927 production version of the car was improved over the previous years. These cars came with a Chicago-Cleveland Viking Roof, Union Metal 4/4 Dreadnaught end, Youngstown top mounted corrugated steel side door, wood running boards, top mounted uncoupling levers and Ajax Power Hand Brakes with Westinghouse K brakes. The C&NW received 1835 cars and the CMO 500 cars. Our Kits cover all variations and lettering styles for the life of these cars. See also our other C&NW & CMO Kits in our #3300 and #4400 Series Kits.
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