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Pipka was born in Slovakia and raised in Germany. After World War II, at the age of five, Pipka, along with her family immigrated to America and settled in a small town in North Dakota. As a child, Pipka spent much of her days sketching, carefully trying to copy the Masters. At this young age she was inspired by annual visits to see family in Germany. There she discovered the old world traditions and inspired her artistic talent. Later, in her early twenties, Pipka explored the Bavarian painting style known as Bauernmalerei, "Peasant Painting." Soon she opened her first workshop in Minneapolis, teaching Bauernmalerei classes and painting furniture for clients. Later, Pipka married and moved to Door County, Wisconsin. In Door County, a very creative community of artist and musicians, Pipka became inspired to open a gallery. Pipka's Gallery and studio flourished over the years. One snowy day many years ago, while sitting in her studio Pipka created an old world Santa as a gift for her mother. This began her love for old world Father Christmas images. She became enamored with studying and researching the many cultural traditions of Father Christmas and how each country celebrates Christmas. In 1993, Pipka met Michele Johnson and Gary Meidinger, owners of Prizm inc., who wanted to start their own gift company. They loved Pipka's Christmas designs and shared her vision to express the magic, joy, and holiness of Christmas in her work. Gary and Michele formed a company, Prizm, Inc., and introduced Pipka's designs as limited edition figurines. Since the line's introduction in 1995, collectors throughout the country and the world have enthusiastically embraced Pipka's work. Today Pipka spends her days traveling, designing, researching, and painting her wonderful, richly detailed Santas.



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