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M.I. Hummel
Goebel Porzellanmanufaktur has designed and manufactured handcrafted figurines, crockery and ornaments in porcelain since its founding in 1871. In 1935, Goebel gained the exclusive rights from Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel and the Convent of Siessen to transform the artist's drawings into three-dimensional products, and the first porcelain M.I. Hummel figurines were produced and manufactured in Rödental. Throughout the years, Goebel launched additional giftware/accessory lines, including The Berta Hummel Gift Collection, Artis Orbis, Rosina Wachtmeister, and many others. In October 2008, Goebel decided to discontinue production of M.I. Hummel figurines to focus its resources on the company's home accessory brands. In early 2009, Manufaktur Rödental took over ownership of the M.I. Hummel brand, continuing the M.I. Hummel tradition of artistry in the same Rödental, Germany factory where the figurines have been created for over 73 years. A team of skilled craftspeople work with loving care, ensuring the artistic excellence that is the hallmark of these precious ceramic treasures continues. Today, M.I. Hummel figurines remain the world's most beloved collectibles, a tribute to the spirit of childhood that they so masterfully reflect, and to the talent of a brilliant artist.
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