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In 1987 a group of nineteen figurines accompanied by a book were released onto the collectible market. Since that time over two hundred more figurines have been created. People around the world have honored these figurines by giving them a place in their homes and their hearts. How else could you explain their wonderful success? Krystonia is pleased to have been nominated for both collectible and figurine of the year. This line of characters is not about awards but something much longer lasting. It's about enjoyment and being part of something that will bring a smile to your face everyday. The figurines are created in two ways. Some are created from the stories while others are designed and then a story is developed for them. Being made in cold cast porcelain and resin has allowed the figurines to have great detail. This is very important as each character has a personality that must be reflected in the way they look. We do not all look alike then why should they. There is no set category that all the figurines fall. There are however two categories that most figures will be in. They are wizards and dragons. You could create a third category to put the rest in. It could be something like gee whiz, holy cow or where are these guys coming from. With each character having a part in our stories they are created so that they fit with their purpose. Sometimes props are added to better explain their mission. These items will seem very familiar to you. They are items we use in our everyday life. You will learn that these items are left behind by the ancients and found mostly in caves and excavations. The ancient civilization once inhabited Krystonia. What happened to them has not yet been explained.
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