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Komozja was established in 1945 when a blower named Kozak got together with a family called Mostowski and opened a factory of their own. Mrs. Mostowski's maiden name was Zjawiony. Using the first letters of each last name for their business, (KO-MO-ZJA) they started producing glass cigarette holders, vials and glass ornaments. Komozja did extremely well and even began exporting the ornaments to the United States. Regrettably, the enterprise did so well it attracted the attention of the communist officials. Owning a private business was against the rules, especially if it prospered. Komozja had eighty-six employees; the limit was 50. So, in 1949, the government shut the factory down stating that too many people worked there. The family refused to allow this setback to destroy their life's work, so they opened a new workshop the same year. It was called "Record." This company was also nationalized in 1952. Frustrated but not beaten, the family allowed a labor co-op to exist in their factory. This is a system where a facility could be run by the private sector, but it is owned and subsidized by the government, regardless of productivity. It was the only way they could keep their art alive. During this time, they produced glass Christmas ornaments and sequins for embroidering folk costumes. In 1980, the Mostowski children Aleksander and Robert started lobbying the government for permission to regain ownership of their business. It took one year, but their bid was successful. The two started creating glass ornaments in the basement of the family home and worked at every station - blowing, silvering and lacquering each piece. Their wives decorated and packed each piece. In 1989, the Mostowski daughters and their husbands teamed up with their brothers. Together they were finally able to build a new factory and call it their own. Forty years later, the name Komozja was restored. The factory is now a state-of-the-art and it is the leading producer of fine glass ornaments.


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